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character design, panda, cute
Electric company, cute
death, hip, b-girl
concept, design, character design, old man
ewah, annie,
VH1, My Little Cloneys, Character design
Toys R Evil, Space Mercinary, Character Design
Character design, Hosung, natural, cute
Character Design, Gorilla, Alligator,
Character Design, Anime, Kawaii, cute
Character design, pitch, concept, monsters
Muppet, octopus, sealife, muppetize
Lego, minifig, minifigure, character design, soccer, Lego
character design, sprites, disney, farries
Character design, Badger, animal, drawing
character design, nerd, cute
character design, cat, dog, bunny, rabbit, disguise
Character design, animals, redesign, monkey, eagle, rhino, bat, gorilla, leapard
Prop design, cars, gto, vdubs, vw, volkswagon, rims
Johnny and the Sprites, background design, prop design
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